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Hello and welcome to my site. Everyone faces depression at some point in their life. This is a collection of my poems and metaphors that helped lift me up from the depth of my own depression. I pray my words will help some of you cope and rise up to help others. Together the world can be a more pleasant place to live when we all care for each other. In an effort to help finance my writing career, and currently fix my vehicle as I am without one, I have decided to affiliate my website with a few shopping sites. Amazon and Target will pay me a small percentage of any order placed through these pages, so if you would like to help support my website or my writing career, please use my links to these premium stores. It cost no additional money on your part. Thank you so much if you do, or even if you don't. I really appreciate the visits to my blog. If you love my poems be sure to leave me a review on Amazon good reads as this will help me reach new people.

Jane Fuller article

The following is a very interesting and informative article written by multi award winning TV &Film Producer Jane Fuller. It explains the science behind positive mental awareness, takes about 4 minutes to read and I very much enjoyed the knowledge. Click Picture link to check it out, awesome read.

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