Lonely Night

How do you deal with lonely, when there's no one else around.
You awaken at all hours, still you do not hear a sound.
With the bed besides you empty, you can feel the teardrops swell.
Even if your life is going good, its really hard to tell.
There may be even times for you a pillow saves the day,
absorbing all the tears you cry, to make them go away.
The sunlight catches up to you and falls upon your skin,
you know you must get up and dressed and face this world again.
So I offer you these simple words, to help the pain subside.
There is no one who will love you more, than who you see inside.


  1. Very rhythmic and good rhyming! Beautifully written and emotionally touched those who are alone! Indeed, I like this poem very much!

  2. Thank you so much,, Im glad you enjoyed it. This was one I woke to write at 4 am, one lonely morning..Smiles...Dan

  3. I appreciate hearing that.. Thank you..so glad you like it.

  4. TRUE TRUE words..very well put!


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