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Hello and welcome to my site. Everyone faces depression at some point in their life. This is a collection of my poems and metaphors that helped lift me up from the depth of my own depression. I pray my words will help some of you cope and rise up to help others. Together the world can be a more pleasant place to live when we all care for each other. In an effort to help finance my writing career, and currently fix my vehicle as I am without one, I have decided to affiliate my website with a few shopping sites. Amazon and Target will pay me a small percentage of any order placed through these pages, so if you would like to help support my website or my writing career, please use my links to these premium stores. It cost no additional money on your part. Thank you so much if you do, or even if you don't. I really appreciate the visits to my blog. If you love my poems be sure to leave me a review on Amazon good reads as this will help me reach new people.

Depression signs and symptoms

There are many signs from the onset of depression, that when caught early, I feel one can confront the feelings and better learn to control the symptoms.
Anxiety can best be described as an emotion characterized by an unpleasant inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervousness such as pacing back and forth, and focusing on the symptoms of one's distress, and on its possible causes and consequences, as opposed to its solutions, know as rumination.
I feel with my own depression, that I often was very guilty of that. We tend to see and focus on the problem and not the solution, or possible relief in many situations in life.
Dysthymia, also known as Persistent Depressive Disorder is a disorder containing the same cognitive and physical symptoms as depression, but with less severe symptoms that persist usually longer.
Sadness, sorrow, crying, stomach turning butterflies, sweating, chest pain, extreme nervousness, fatigue, irritability, anger, hopelessness and resentment are but some of the physical and mental strains associated with depression and chronic anxiety.
Hope is available and treatment is achievable. There are many courses and doctors that can help one maintain a sense of importance, and renew an inner piece and feeling of worth.
In my own case I struggled with these emotions and still to this day face anxiety on a regular basis. I face each day with hope and faith, live each day to help others around me and divert my own shortcomings into a positive effect on those I surround myself with thus lifting me up in the process. I always surround myself with positive people and try to avoid the negative whenever possible.
I discovered poetry as a relief in my own state of mind and gained a few fans along the way. They inspired me to continue and make these poems public, this was how I lifted myself up from the depression that quite literally almost killed me.  Now they serve as an inspiration to others to indulge in self help and the healing power of ones own mind. Often untapped and mostly overlooked, we are our own best medicine. Gluten free and organic ;) . Seriously tho, I always hate putting chemicals into my body and opt for a more natural form of healing, for me it was writing and expression. For others it is creativity through art, sculpture, cooking or any other hidden talents you may have untapped and locked inside your own mind. 

Paperback release

Depression is something that everyone faces in life and can be very difficult to deal with and cope. I wrote this as a collection of uplifting inspirational messages to help that cause. In these pages you will find poems and metaphors that I wrote as I faced my own demons and challenges in life. Sometimes, with tears in my eyes I would pour the words out, and these stories would emerge. Day by day I would rise above the depression that has enveloped many aspects of my younger life. Sometimes from a failed marriage or relationships, other times from the loneliness or health problems that we all will face eventually. From loss of a loved one, to feelings of failure and shortcomings. Life is full of adversity, anxiety, and so much pain that can and will get you down, if you focus on it and allow it to take hold. I am now a firm believer in the power behind positive mental thoughts. After a near suicide of my own, I awoke with a new passion, a realization of my own mortality and that life is precious, and even in my darkest hour there is light everywhere. Make the choice to look and see it. Be a light for others! When we lost Robin Williams I knew that suicide was more of an epidemic than I ever imagined. Arguably the funniest man in the world, was that hurt, that sad? And no one saw it. Yes I thought, there is a need for these up lifting messages and metaphors that many can relate with. So, I have decided to share my life work and inspirations that I have found along the way with hopes it may bring relief to others in need.

Jane Fuller article

The following is a very interesting and informative article written by multi award winning TV &Film Producer Jane Fuller. It explains the science behind positive mental awareness, takes about 4 minutes to read and I very much enjoyed the knowledge. Click Picture link to check it out, awesome read.

Endless Highway

Endless Highway

Driving down the highway but I can't outrun your tears,
you leave me feeling helpless, hopeless, lost and full of fears.

I try and gain composure as I take this aimless drive,
the many miles, hills and lakes just seem to come alive.

Nature and serenity  do wonders for my soul,
they a bring an equanimity and help me gain control.

When life is full of chaos and my mind is quite a mess,
or when I find that loving you is bringing me distress.

When others try and help me but I have to do it my way,
I grab my keys, pick up my life, and drive this
endless highway.


Why am I different, oh what can I say?
'Cause I'm not like you, your belief, and your ways.

You turn and you stare and point in disgust,
you justify anger, abuse and distrust.

What makes you right in your own little mind,
Do we not share this same moment in time.

Is it YOUR space, YOUR land, and YOUR air?
Why must you spew such pain and dispair.

Can you not see that I'm human like you,
So what if I'm different, from all that you choose.

Who cares what I like, my belief or my faith,
It never hurts you,  and I'm not in your space.

Yet still you spread anger, with words so vociferant
Can't we please  get along, its ok to be different.


Memories are the lightning bolts that flash inside your mind,
some will hurt and burn you, while some others leave you blind.

Memories are scars that leave their mark upon your heart,
some will leave you helpless as you search for a new start.

Memories are beautiful, they fill you up with love,
the first breath of a baby that was sent from up above.

Memories so powerful,  we never live without,
they last through all the years and tears, of agony and doubt.

They help us grow and learn, and they will shape our destinies,
the good the bad, the new , the old, we need those memories.

Depression signs and symptoms

There are many signs from the onset of depression, that when caught early, I feel one can confront the feelings and better learn to control ...