Please stay safe

If every virus was a stray bullet flying through the air hitting random people I bet then everyone would stay home and take this more serious. Metaphorically speaking that is exactly what is happening in the world today. Some will be barely missed, some will be left broken and others will be killed. Like and Share if you agree and please, do it from your home. 
Stay Safe, Stay Alive

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself, like only you can,
it starts in your mind and ends in your hand,
If you say you can't then you never will,
when you say you're sick that’s how you will feel.
If you say you're tired, your energy drains,
when you say that hurts, your mind will bring pains.
Your brain is amazing believe in this fact,
it is not a rumor, a lie or an act.
Just turn off the world and sit with your mind,
focus on that which your heart long to find.
Freedom from finance, or love and great health,
will all be achieved if you believe in yourself.


I've worked all my life and its always the same,
new places, new faces, new drama, new shame.

I want to be noticed yet nobody cares,
a life that seems wasted, am I even there?

I do a great job, yet it won't mean a thing,
it's just overlooked and yes, sometimes that stings.

they tell me great job, so shallow and fake,
because they don’t even look, till I make a mistake.

Would they see me now if I turn and depart?
Taking whats left of this pain in my heart.

The selfish and hurtful, its all about them,
every job that I work, every town that I'm in.

It's always the same, I'm replaceable see,
to them I am a number, they don't really need.

The work is so strong, yet the pay is so weak,
the rich getting rich from the sweat of the meek.

They take all we have so that they can be freed.
God why must we live in a world with such greed?

The Mask

I wear this mask to hide the tears,
from angst regret and wasted years.
A human life so full of loss,
an empty shell, so vain and cross.
It buys me time, it saves my soul,
from anger hate and useless trolls.
This world so cold with harsh reviews,
from judging critics hurtful spews.
Where is the love, why so much hate?
is this our choice, so now our fate?
Survival now becomes a task,
that’s why I choose to wear this mask.


Mommy cheated  on my dad,
it makes me hurt, it makes me sad.
He works so hard so we can be,
happy, healthy, loved and free.
He tucks me in he cares so much.
as tears bring forth a trembled touch.
Forehead kiss and story time,
he acts ok pretends I'm blind.
Lights go out the door is closed,
an argument will soon unfold.
I close my eyes and fight back tears,
as words grow loud and fighting nears.
Anger, hurt and broken glass,
a shattered lamp then silence pass.
Time ticks on and whispers grow,
louder words bring shouting flows.
When mommy cheated on my dad,
she kissed a man and hurt us bad.
Sometimes she cries and he feels dumb,
days go by we all grow numb.
Now every body has to see,
effects of infidelity.

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