Mommy cheated  on my dad,
it makes me hurt, it makes me sad.
He works so hard so we can be,
happy, healthy, loved and free.
He tucks me in he cares so much.
as tears bring forth a trembled touch.
Forehead kiss and story time,
he acts ok pretends I'm blind.
Lights go out the door is closed,
an argument will soon unfold.
I close my eyes and fight back tears,
as words grow loud and fighting nears.
Anger, hurt and broken glass,
a shattered lamp then silence pass.
Time ticks on and whispers grow,
louder words bring shouting flows.
When mommy cheated on my dad,
she kissed a man and hurt us bad.
Sometimes she cries and he feels dumb,
days go by we all grow numb.
Now every body has to see,
effects of infidelity.

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