I've worked all my life and its always the same,
new places, new faces, new drama, new shame.

I want to be noticed yet nobody cares,
a life that seems wasted, am I even there?

I do a great job, yet it won't mean a thing,
it's just overlooked and yes, sometimes that stings.

they tell me great job, so shallow and fake,
because they don’t even look, till I make a mistake.

Would they see me now if I turn and depart?
Taking whats left of this pain in my heart.

The selfish and hurtful, its all about them,
every job that I work, every town that I'm in.

It's always the same, I'm replaceable see,
to them I am a number, they don't really need.

The work is so strong, yet the pay is so weak,
the rich getting rich from the sweat of the meek.

They take all we have so that they can be freed.
God why must we live in a world with such greed?

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