Thankfully Free

Why do we have to go to war so we can all live free,
when men and women lose their lives for all the world to see.
Our soldiers travel far and wide to keep the wolves at bay,
and though they fight, and some will die we cant keep them away.
When we're attacked it makes us see, that we must stand our ground.
It's through their blood the sweat and tears, where liberty is found.
Our history reminds us of a life that we would live,
if we didn't have our military and the lives they give.
For us, they leave their family, friends and loved ones for a while,
and things they see when they're at war will even take their smile.
Even when they make it back, they leave so much behind.
The tragedies that they must face, will linger in their mind.
Please take a moment if you would and tell them that you care,
that your thankful for their sacrifice and burdens they must bear.
See If you stand behind our troops each and every day,
then you will understand why we must fight to live this way.

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