Fallen Star

All that glitters is not gold, sometimes lost sometimes cold.
Loneliness disguised by fame, a world that only knows your name.

What lies within that sacred mask, a heart that breaks like shattered glass.
Pieces never fully whole that leave behind a broken soul.

You cant buy love at any price, and sometimes that the sacrifice.
Behind the fame that hides the sorrow, lies an empty lost tomorrow.

It's so much more than just a mask, when someone looks, if someone asks.
For you are more than just a star, a person with a bleeding heart.

Emotions and feelings that lie deep inside, as you travel through life on one hell of a ride.

Your star seems to crash, and sometimes you burn
 when lessons in life seem so hard to learn.

All that glitters is not gold, when time flies by, as you grow old.
The emptiness that’s in your mind, a love so lost you long to find.

Never give in and please never regret,
'cause the millions that love you, can never forget.

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