Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty
If you could see you through these eyes, perhaps you'd finally know,
that beauty seems to follow you most everywhere you go.
If you felt what’s in my heart, each time I hear your name,
You'd give up thoughts of hopelessness, and never feel the same.

You're so much more than what you see inside that troubled mind,
Just lift your chin, find your smile, and leave the doubt behind.
There's so much more than what you feel, of how you are perceived
You feel like you’re not good enough, it’s time that you believed.

Others look at you with love, admire all your traits,
So never doubt what you possess, cause you are truly great.
We are our own worst enemies, perhaps the harshest judge,
we always see our own flaws, yes somehow we hold that grudge.

We all strive for perfection and we want to be our best,
Sometimes it leaves us hurt and lost and feeling so distressed.
But trust that you have beauty and it shines in every way,
each time that you walk in the room, I see it every day.

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